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Content Policy

We aim to create and provide the most effective feeds to attract prospective buyers to the correct products or services and to do so, registered businesses on the website need to comply with the following. Insert your text here

When listing your business, its services or any promotions please provide

  • A clear, honest and accurate description of the product, service or special
  • Do not use any form of keyword spamming
  • Do not create duplicate business listings
  • Do not list any prohibited products or services as outlined by our content policy and terms and conditions

Counterfeit products

Before using the website to begin interacting with users and promoting your goods or services, please ensure that the offers you are authentic products. Businesses are fully liable for any damages caused from trading fake goods and it is their sole responsibility to only list products that they are sure of its authenticity. 

Businesses found to be selling fake goods will be removed and subject to permanent suspension from listing on nichemarket. 

Aftermarket, generic, grey, import, products need to be stipulated in the description to the user as not to mislead or try to generate sales on a false claim. 

Authentic reseller

Businesses who do have the written consent from suppliers to sell their goods are encouraged to add the following statement to their business listing

“We, [business name] are an authorised supplier of [product name]”

Business listing policy

List your business correctly, under the correct category, the correct address using the correction the title. being honest about your businesses, what you provide and where you provide it helps users find exactly  what they are looking for. Avoid providing false information to try and entice more customers to your listing. Incorrect or misleading information is not allowed on nichemarket and offending listings will be suspended until corrected or completely removed. 

Keyword policy

Content spamming of any kind, filing your business description with too many search-related keywords and not providing an accurate description of the user. Any action of the sort is prohibited and any business that is found to have transgressed will have their listing or listings removed.

Image restrictions

We encourage business listings to provide quality images for their listings to give prospective customers the best experience when browsing the site.
  • Images should be no less than 300x300 in size
  • Do not provide images that cannot clearly show the logo, product or business location
  • Do not provide images with watermarks, product codes
  • Do not provide unrelated images in order to attract users attention to your listing
  • Do not provide images for products or services you do not sell
  • Do not provide images of an authentic brand on replica products
  • Do not provide images that may be harmful or offend users as stated in our terms and conditions
  • Do not provide images that you do not have written consent from the owner or rights to use said image

Restricted listings policy

Drugs and narcotics or any banned substance that is not permissible for sale inside the Republic of South Africa.

Media and software: Piracy of any type of media that violates any copyright or trademark laws

Pornography: Any X rated media of any kind, nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner are prohibited.  

Offensive products: Any products that promote hatred, violence, racial slurs, sexual or religious intolerance are prohibited as well as any organisation that share such views. 

Hacking: Promoting software or services that are used to circumvent certain authorised material security. Unlocking software and jailbreaking electronic devices.

Privacy and personal information: Products that infringe on users personal information and privacy such as the sale of marketing lists, personal information, login details, government documents, identification, birth certificates, passports and licenses 

Products intended to be used to produce illegal products or undertake in unlawful activity. 

Dangerous items: Products with the sole intent to cause bodily harm of mame another person, such as explosives, knives, guns, brass knuckles or any accessories used with these types of products 

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